A Poem for my Grandma

Please tell me it’s not the endThat I will see you againSo many more memories to makeMy heart is about to breakI wish I were a child againSo my time with you could just beginGrandma, mother, friendCountless hours together we have spentIf i could go back to start overSo many things I would do differentlySo […]

Motivation or Lack of….

I have been working on my current project for 2 years. I start then I stop. I get inspired, then I start working on it then all of sudden I come up with 20 different ideas for new projects. I stop my current project and start working on the others. Then I stop working on […]

Fanfiction Idea

I’m very nervous about sharing this, but he, why not. One of my fanfiction ideas. I write these for myself. They are based on daydreams I have after watching movies or listening to music, so they are always written in first person point of view. Thoughts on it? Maul Scarlett ImmortaDarth Scarlet The daughter of […]

The Fox’s Tale

A little story I wrote a long time ago. I hope you like it. The Fox’s TaleThere once was a fox who lived by a lake each afternoon a stroll he would take.His fur was soft and as he strolled the flowers their scents would waftTickling his nose until a sneeze soon rose shaking him […]


Falling from the skyIt piles up so highFreezing to the touchWhy do we enjoy it so much?Snowdrifts on the side of the roadTo jump and play in themWe’d face the most bitter of coldWhat is it about snowdriftsThat makes a winter day complete?Afterwards we stumble inReady for something hot to eat

Trials and Tribulations

This book, I’m not sure what it was about. I think poems about pain and suffering. At one point or another we have all gone through things. I wanted to write poems that would convey the feelings of pain and anguish that we have felt. I hope I did a good enough job of that […]

Untitled Poem #1

Hopefully this poem brings a smile to your face. Take time to slow down. Life is not a race. Don’t forget to smile, laugh, and live. You have so much to give. Be kind and always have a caring heart. These qualities can help you go far! Have a Great Day and thanks for reading! […]

It Takes Courage

All of my family members are Jehovah’s witnesses. A lot of my childhood memories involve going to the Kingdom Hall, and the various other activities associated with that religion. One of the main activities associated with Jehovah’s witnesses is their “door to door preaching ministry.” I participated a lot in this as a child. I […]


What are your thoughts on fanfiction? Is that something you should keep personal, or is it okay to share it with others? It’s in our nature to be proud of the things we achieve or accomplish. Personally, I love some of the fanfic stories I’ve written. Others, I ask myself….”What were you thinking….weirdo….” I have […]