LKH Promotions Featured Post: Gardopia Gardens, San Antonio, Texas

In keeping with our theme of sharing Nonprofit organizations that are making an impact in their community, LKH Promotions is proud to present Gardopia Gardens, located in San Antonio, Texas.

What does this organization bring to the table? We mean that question literally. This organization has a focus on sustainable farming.

Can we elaborate further? Of course! Gardopia Gardens provides programs, services, and resources on sustainable gardening, farming, and agriculture. Their services are available to all locations in the area.

Did you just say all locations? Yes. This includes educational, residential, and commercial locations in the area.

What else can you tell me about them? They are located in east San Antonio, Texas. They were founded in 2015. Their organization has seen a recent rise in popularity. Aside from their educational programs, they also offer ways for the community to get involved in hands on activities as well.

Okay, but why focus on gardening and farming? It all starts with certain health epidemics that plague our nation today. By that we mean obesity, poor nutrition, & their associated diseases. The founders of Gardopia Gardens took notice of the effects that this diseases have on our youth and our population in general. After identifying the source, our diet and nutrition, they decided to do something about these problems. Hence, the birth of their organization. May they be applauded for their efforts and may we learn from their example.

What is the goal of their organization? To reduce malnutrition and obesity over the next 5 years.

How do they plan to do that? By providing us with the tools & resources we need to obtain access to fresh produce. They can show us smarter & better ways to farm. This will not only help us, but will also allow us to preserve the earth and the crops we grow. As we all know a healthier diet leads to a healthier lifestyle. This can all be achieved through strategic planning & programming, which Gardopia Gardens offers.

Are their ways that I can help their organization? Yes! You can join their current project, “The Giving Wellness Campaign.” Their website has all the details. As a member of this campaign you will also get access to special benefits and events. On their website you will also find other services and opportunities, such as their Garden Volunteer Program. Their Facebook page also posts their scheduled volunteer days in advance.

Let’s show this amazing Nonprofit some love! May we all help them in their goal of, “Creating healthier communities through garden based learning.” As stated on their website. LKH Promotions is proud to write about this organization! Thank you!

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