Trey’s Clay: Learn clay crafting with Trey’s YouTube tutorials

Arts and crafts are extremely popular. They are a great way to relax, kill time, or can become a very profitable side business. Instagram has seen an increase recently in online craft shops, videos, and content in general. No doubt you have spent some time viewing this content. Crafts come in all different types, whether they are cups, jewelry, toys, etc. The mediums used to create such objects also vary as well.

My Instagram feed is always flooded with resin, epoxy, and clay crafts in progress. While all crafts are lovely in their own way, they require skill, and a lot of determination to create. The convenience of the internet makes it easier to learn any new skill or hobby. All you have to do is watch a video and get started.

Take clay crafts for example. Traci Blau Ott on Instagram creates some of the most amazing objects I have ever seen. Best of all, this page offers wonderful tutorials on YouTube on how these crafts are made. That is pretty incredible! If you have free time, why not give the channel a view and learn a new skill? Don’t forget to subscribe for all the latest Clay crafts projects!

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