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Hearts of Fire: Eight Women in the Underground Church and Their Stories of Costly Faith

I found this book when I Googled free Christian books by mail. I absolutely love books of all types, but books like this are extremely uplifting, moving, motivational. I tend to enjoy stories like that. Actually what I read all depends on the type of mood I am in. At that time I was in the mood to read books of this genre. When I was searching for certain books like this whar popped up was voice of the martyrs. I saw all of the things they had to offer. I signed up for their newsletter and everything else. I thought it was really very interesting the information and materials they offer.

You hear a lot of people talk about it persecution in other countries, especially religious persecution. I was raised as a Jehovah’s Witness growing up. My grandparents used to tell me a lot about that especially when we would go to the Kingdom Hall and go preaching and things like that. They would always tell us how bad it was for people in other countries. When you’re a child you always assume that stuff like that is just talk and that your family tells you those stories to teach life lessons and things like that.

It was another thing to find the voice of the martyrs website and to actually receive their newsletter in the mail. I was able to actually see pictures and read a book like the hearts of Fire and actually hear these stories and these testimonies. It was mind opening to see that this persecution is real. It is a big thing to see how things are different in other parts of the world. It really makes you stop and think about what exactly is going on.

I am a very faith-based person. In fact, my husband, our son and I are very devout in our Faith. We have a heavy Christian belief. In fact, this is a strong theme which I really admire in this book. That fact made it a lot more interesting. It went well with the fact that all the main characters are female. It shows some of the struggles that women go through in other countries, not just you know, because of their their faith and their religion but just how women in different parts of the world are treated in general. For the most part, some of the stories touched on the fact that women were forced into marriage. They are taught to be subservient to men and such things.

What’s inspirational also is the that they choose their faith above all else. Yes, that’s the main element in this book. That’s what I really like because it all boils down to the fact that without faith, without a belief you really have nothing in this world. You’re just kind of floating you know. I hope that doesn’t offend some people which it might, but those are just my beliefs, because like I said I’m a very religious person and God is my everything and there is no greater sacrifice than choosing to be a martyr for him. Sacrificing yourself in a way and putting everything on the line for your beliefs in him.

This book is very well written. It is very emotional at times. It focuses on different stories, different characters, different women. Some of them are young girls just starting out, some of them are women on their own, others are actually mothers and you see the struggles where they also must protect their children from religious persecution as well. There was one story towards the end of the book that actually broke my heart because, I don’t want to give too much away, but it shows how entire families can be lost and can be torn apart because of religious persecution and things like that. Even if you have strong faith, even if you have prayer and as long as you never give up your beliefs in God he can see you through anything. Imagine having the strength to get through that. Having your faith carry you through the fact that somebody just attacked your family because of what you believe and losing everything. If stuff like that doesn’t make you believe that faith is real or faith is powerful then I don’t know what will. But, not to get off topic,

I do like this book for an number  of reasons and I do recommend it. It was a very interesting read. I like the fact that it is a compilation of different stories, different characters, different women from different parts of the world. Not only do you have strong, emotional female characters, you get a peek into different cultures, different Lifestyles, different aspects all around the world. The fact that it is a book about keeping your faith and fighting persecution and things like that really made me like the book even more. To me that was the whole main reason for getting the book. Even if that is not your thing, I still recommend you read it just for the fact that it is a truly emotional book and that it will open your eyes to other things going on in the world.

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