Favorite YA Books & Series (in no particular order)

● The Earth, My Butt, and Other Big Round Things
Novel by Carolyn Mackler

I liked this book. I thought it was the most relatable story when I read it. A girl struggling to find herself and wanting to rebel against her mother. Definitely relatable at the time. Even now it’s still easy to understand.

Nowadays many youth and teens struggle with issues and identity problems like this. I feel that this book should not only be read, there should be more books like this.

● Wicked Lovely
Novels by Melissa Marr

This series was very interesting. Honestly  the cover caught my eye. I took it home, read it, and was instantly hooked. I love fantasy stories. Anything with fairies, werewolves etc. Will get my attention. The most interesting element to me was the fact that the author described it as two worlds. You have the normal, everyday world that the main character exists in. Then you have the world of the fairies and such. The world that her best friend is secretly a part of. That is very exciting, that element of surprise is what you wish could happen in real life.

This series is listed as dark fantasy. That is true. You definitely have sketchy and suspicious characters in these books. You also have characters that struggle with themselves and the path between right and wrong. Tension like that is good in a book. It keeps the story intact and the reader engaged.

●The Princess Diaries
Novels by Meg Cabot

Who doesn’t love this series? So iconic, both the books and movies. I mean, everyone wanted related to Mia, the normal, loving girl. Everyone also wanted to be her, I mean who wouldn’t want to discover that they were actually a princess?

I read all the books in high school. I loved them. As far as movies go, I’ve only seen the first adaptation. To be honest I’ve always preferred the books to the film version of things. In most cases, there are a few exceptions to that in my opinion. I’m getting off topic. I love this series and I know that many others do as well. Not only are the character’s likeable, they are relatable as well.

The 2000’s had a few surprisingly good things. This book series was one of those things.

● The A-List
Series by Zoe Dean

I was never a fan of gossip girl. I did like that whole genre of rich kids hanging out, causing trouble and drama. For some reason it’s entertaining, like watching reality tv. That’s what you get when you read this series. All the drama of the young and rich set in the glitzy fast paced world of Hollywood and Los Angeles. It has all the drama, hookups and scandals that you could want.

I do still enjoy reading this series once in a while, purely for the nostalgia.

● Internet Girls
Series by Lauren Myracle

I remember this series very clearly. The main reason being the way that it was written. This series is written in text or chat format. The entire series is set up as instant messages between the main characters.

I remember relating to the characters as well as the events they go through very strongly. That is the purpose of YA novels after all.

Earlier, I found out something shocking. I was researching online and found out that this series was actually on a list of Banner books, according to this article: https://world.edu/banned-books-awareness-internet-girls-series-lauren-myracle/

That’s shocking to me because I clearly remember this series. To be honest, it talked about all the things my friends and many other high school students were experiencing. Sex, drugs, parties. All that stuff does exist in high school, iys just usually kept under wraps. I understand that the majority of parents like to think that their kids are squeaky clean and that high school is all football games and college prep. That’s not the case.

This series accurately describes many of the instances that arise in high school, especially during senior year.

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