Words the Angels Speak

Dedication: “This book is dedicated to my favorite wrestler. His testimony, his struggles, and his belief in Christ inspired this book. The world needs more people like him.”

Poem 1) Words the Angels Speak

What words do the angels speak?
They speak of joy and praise
Their voices carry on for days
Their cries of delight, when you choose to do what is right
They sing His name
News of His Kingdom they must proclaim
We must do the same
The angels speak of what is righteous and good…

Audiobooks: Yay or Not?

As a self-published author I struggle a lot with this specific topic. Which is better? Ebooks, print books or audiobooks? Should you make your material in all three formats? Also how do you get started in the field of publishing audiobooks? I’m still unsure about this whole thing. Usually to me the easiest way is […]

Book review on: Behold a Pale Horse

Book Review on: Behold a Pale Horse Book by Milton William Cooper This book was actually given to me by someone. I honestly don’t know what to say about this. I’m on the fence about it for the main reason that it took me a very long time to read. I found it to not […]

Book Review on:

Hearts of Fire: Eight Women in the Underground Church and Their Stories of Costly Faith I found this book when I Googled free Christian books by mail. I absolutely love books of all types, but books like this are extremely uplifting, moving, motivational. I tend to enjoy stories like that. Actually what I read all […]

Favorite YA Books & Series (in no particular order)

● The Earth, My Butt, and Other Big Round ThingsNovel by Carolyn Mackler I liked this book. I thought it was the most relatable story when I read it. A girl struggling to find herself and wanting to rebel against her mother. Definitely relatable at the time. Even now it’s still easy to understand. Nowadays […]

Sakina, Watercolour Artist

Art is beautiful and comes in many forms. The most popular and common form is painting. It is a pastime enjoyed by many. A great way of expressing oneself and creating breathtaking works that others can enjoy. We already know that watercolours. Acrylics and oil paints are the mediums used to create some of the […]

Urban Folktale: Small batch handmade earrings

Jewelry makes a great gift for any occasion. It is the perfect accessory to any enhance any outfit. Handcrafted jewelry is even better. Why? Because of the beauty and craftsmanship that goes into each each piece of course. When something is handmade it means that the artist has a passion for it and will take […]