Sakina, Watercolour Artist

Art is beautiful and comes in many forms. The most popular and common form is painting. It is a pastime enjoyed by many. A great way of expressing oneself and creating breathtaking works that others can enjoy. We already know that watercolours. Acrylics and oil paints are the mediums used to create some of the most beautiful pieces of art.

You might have seen some of these pieces on your Instagram feed. Take the talented Watercolour artist, Sakina, for example. Not only will you find brilliant watercolor paintings on Sakina’s Instagram, you’ll find many other art pieces. Canvas fridge magnets, bookmarks, and even stickers, to name a few. Each item is uniquely designed and handpainted by Sakina. What is amazing about this artist is their ability to create so many different designs and products.

You can tell by watching their reels on Instagram just how much work and effort goes into creating each piece. The entire process is truly amazing to watch. What is also noteworthy about Sakina is their versatility in other mediums as well as watercolours. This is evidenced by all the products you see on their Instagram. To create so many different items in different ways takes true talent!

To see all that this amazing artist has to offer, you’re encouraged to visit their Instagram:

Are you curious about painting? Would you like to learn how to paint your own mandala? You’re in luck! Sakina has a free Mandala class for beginners on May 9th. The class is online through Skill Toon. You can register at the link below:

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