The So Called Natives: Indie Rock Duo from Charlotte, North Carolina

Discovering new music is always great. We are all familiar with the big name stars that are popular today. So, what do we mean when we say ‘new music’? We mean bands that are just emerging and have yet to be discovered. Why do these bands deserve recognition? The music scene is an ever changing landscape. These new artists might very well be the hit stars of tomorrow. All the pop stars of today were once undiscovered.

What undiscovered artist are we bringing to the forefront today? The talented Indie Rock Duo known as “The So Called Natives.” They are based out of Charlotte, North Carolina.

Who makes up this talented team? This amazing duo is comprised of: Nick, the lead singer/guitarist/bassist…etc. of Detroit. Also their remarkable new drummer William Martin.

What projects have they done? They just released a new album entitled, “The Night Was Young. ” It is available on all streaming services. After listening to the title track it might be safe to assume that this talented duo is destined for popularity and stardom. The acoustic music is well done, but what really amazed me was the raw and powerful sound of the vocals. They were very emotional and moving.

This is quite different from their previous album, “1632.” That album definitely had an electric rock vibe to it. The music on there was very upbeat and easy to dance to.

Are they working on new material? That is a definite yes! They are currently hard at work on an all electric studio album. They hope to release it this spring or summer. Stay tuned for more details on that.

Are you ready to help catapult these musicians into stardom? Click their link below for more information on music, projects, or just to show your love and support. It is clear that we can expect great things from these talented musicians!

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